luci-mastheadLucianna Chixaro Ramos is a Brazilian born and Florida raised poet. She enjoys living in a multilingual universe and answering her toddler’s questions about how the world works. You can find her work in the journals New South and Otoliths

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Poetry Editor

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Nikki Fragala Barnes is a poet-artist exploring experimental forms and media. She finds spaces and intersections most meaningful when mixing genres. Born in Miami, she’s now raising a family in Winter Park, FL, and traveling as much as possible. B.A.+ M.Ed. from UF, M.F.A. in progress from Stetson — she collaborates with artists and writers in Orlando and beyond. Black coffee, dark chocolate, old soul.

You can connect with her on Facebook or through her website.


Prose Editor


Jared Alan Smith was born in Orlando and  lives in Tampa, Florida, where he teaches Exceptional Student Education English Language Arts. His nonfiction has appeared in Burrow Press’ Fantastic Floridas series and his fiction in Issue 19 of Hinchas de Poesia. His chapbook Sure Shot: Collected Assays in Pulp is available here. He is easier to find on Facebook than in real life.


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rebecca-mastheadRebecca Renner is a freelance writer, novelist, and high school creative writing teacher. She is a seventh generation Floridian. She grew up in Port Orange and earned a Bachelor’s of Arts from Stetson University. She currently attends Stetson’s MFA of the Americas, where she studies fiction writing. Obra/Artifact is the offspring of a hair-brained idea she and Lucianna Chixaro Ramos had after looking at Baroque art in a Mexican church.

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