Sea of IT

Bruce Sager

                                                                                “Information Technology: Reach for your potential.

                                                                                           The support you need, every step of the way.”



On the surface, it looks swell.

It glitters like a kitchen tabletop

across which a casual thief

has spilled a sack of diamonds.


Men and women put out to it

in the boats at their disposal,

the cigarettes of experience,

the liners of formal education.


It is a sea of teeth. You may sail

around the same sad, small swirl

of seaweed for hours, like sewage

circling the bull’s eye of a drain,


or you may flush right through

only to come upon vast shores,

the inland seas of IT that will

more unfold than open to you,


and when you pitch your tent

by one of these, it is painless:

their teeth so big, their throats

so round, it could take years,


a whole career, for you to fathom

that you’ve been chewed and

swallowed. Even its short name

is a kind of warning, like YHWH.

Bruce Sager’s poetry has gained publication through competitions judged by Billy Collins, Dick Allen and William Stafford. His newest work, The Indulgence of Icarus—a book-length poem! (sounds scary, but an easy read)—was recently released by Echo Point, and is henceforth available through Amazon, as is Famous, which was awarded the 2014 William Matthews Poetry Prize.