Issue #1: January 2017


We proudly present the inaugural issue of Obra/Artifact, the literary journal of Stetson University’s MFA of the Americas!

Our selected nonfiction writers explore the dichotomies between coastal urban America and its heartland, leave their children’s grief on the pristine beaches beneath the Andes Mountains, and traverse the surreal jungle of a post-modern Thailand. Their fiction counterparts engage in a cycle of life and death as interminable as it is irresistible; their moves through the many stages of a lived journey take us beneath reality’s inherent liminality in a series of incisive flashes. Our first issue concludes in the expanded field and its attendant poesis, where the world recreated in prose collapses in a codified collusion of context and containment. We sincerely hope that you enjoy.

The Editorial Staff, Obra / Artifact

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Carmella Guiol’s Poetry + Photography

Islander Ashore

. . .The skyline houses that look down from the redwood hills of the East Bay are not the exclusive preserve of whites, as is often the case in many neo-colonial lands . . .

Hand Me Down Death

My aunt, who witnessed her husband Robert being shot to death and escaped only because Walter stopped to reload, has never remarried.

Under Miami

No one, however, will tell you what occurred under Miami in 1929 . . .


Inside, the incense and sanctity go stale. Can a building grieve?

Thailand: A Surrealist Mural

In any case, it serves just as well—if not better—than Western rationalism, which terminates in The Bomb. The mural is roughly the size of France and a bit smaller than Texas.

Honorarium Selachimorpha

“We’re going to bury it,” she said. I went back to my rock, lifting my head between paragraphs and plot twists to check on their progress. 


. . . use wood to tell the world how you left a shell in the backyard . . .

Rushing Toward a Still Point & The Thing with Merit

Cara Murray Cara Murray’s poetry is included in the edited collection “Systemic Crises of Global Climate Change: Intersections of race, class and gender” (Routledge, 2016), has appeared in Platte Valley Review, and is forthcoming in Otoliths and shufPoetry.