Issue #1: January 2017


We proudly present the inaugural issue of Obra/Artifact, the literary journal of Stetson University’s MFA of the Americas!

Our selected nonfiction writers explore the dichotomies between coastal urban America and its heartland, leave their children’s grief on the pristine beaches beneath the Andes Mountains, and traverse the surreal jungle of a post-modern Thailand. Their fiction counterparts engage in a cycle of life and death as interminable as it is irresistible; their moves through the many stages of a lived journey take us beneath reality’s inherent liminality in a series of incisive flashes. Our first issue concludes in the expanded field and its attendant poesis, where the world recreated in prose collapses in a codified collusion of context and containment. We sincerely hope that you enjoy.

The Editorial Staff, Obra / Artifact

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