Issue 3: Mythos


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Myth-making is the richest of human traditions, striving to make sense of the absurd and unforgiving nature of the universe. The earliest myths were poetic responses to the the natural world.  All writing makes myth.
In this issue, we see attempts at constructing a modern mythology. In Imaginações, stories allude to the myths we are most familiar with: Genesis, the concept of paradise, and Native American stories. Others are experiments in the creation of personal mythologies.  The Essais section grounds us in the narrative connections of memory. Poesia’s poets have crafted explorations into politics as myth-making, myth-making as direct response to art–arguably myth-making as a community building endeavor, and the interrelationship of language acquisition and myth, how language divides can mythologize the other.
Imagination and identity are inseparable. In this issue (and throughout history) both are rooted in image. The myths we claim by our cultural ties, bring us joy and dysfunction: they signify a way of knowing and a way of casting doubt. We hope this issue sheds some light (and darkness) on the process.

The Editorial Team,

Obra / Artifact