Issue #2: Technologic

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Our second issue explores a facet of our future as unique as it is ubiquitous: technology, and the logic behind it. As alternative realities proliferate throughout the digital sphere, Obra/Artifact seeks to find the line between digital truth and falsehood through an artistic exploration of the “facts” of everyday living. This issue deals in privation and performativity, in what grounds us and what degrades us as we delve further into an electronic endgame where everything is pertinent and nothing is certain.

 The essayists we’ve selected examine the implications of a population whose pursuit of happiness has become forever entangled in the devices at their fingertips, joining our fiction storytellers to take a necessary step into the future that attempts to divine how living digitally may end up tying our hands behind our backs. The poets whose work we’ve curated respond with an exposition of the illusive materiality of a life lived online and in the flesh, working through formerly physical spaces that have become eroded by the ethereal nature extant inside a constructed world of vanishing limitations.

As always, we sincerely hope that you enjoy the journey.

                          -The Obra/Artifact Team